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Why Strand wants to give back

Strand wants to invest time and money to give back to those in need. The two charities that are close to their hearts are La Cité Joyeuse in Brussels and the Audrey Jacobs Foundation in Nepal. Besides spending time with the children, helping wherever needed and supporting these two organizations financially, Strand started organizing activities to raise money.

If you would like to help out, a donation or participation in one of the upcoming activities is always welcome!

"The underlying idea is to create a corporate culture where besides hard work, there is room for social awareness and humanity. We want everyone to have the opportunity to contribute to the future of others without having to sacrifice their free time."


- Gaël Terroir, CEO of Strand Associates Consulting -

Meet The Team

Ines Ben Hamoud 2 ZW edited.jpg

Ines Ben Hamoud

Charity Project Manager for La Cité Joyeuse & the Audrey Jacobs Foundation

Jana Lauwers 2 ZW edited.jpg

Jana Lauwers

Charity Project Manager for the Audrey Jacobs Foundation

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