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Audrey Jacobs Foundation

The Audrey Jacobs Foundation was created in memory of Audrey Jacobs, a 21- year - old medical student who died in Kathmandu, Nepal, on the 29th of August, 2010, where she volunteered at a hospital during her vacation. The foundation aims in particular to participate actively in humanitarian and medical projects in Nepal. It has no political or religious affiliation. For more information, visit

Discover our projects

Arya Tara Preschool, Kathmandu

"Educate children and train teachers"

This Montessori School is a kindergarten for children from the age of 2 ½ years. The School was founded by two young Buddhist nuns who wanted to provide a good education for those in a poor environment, namely especially children from single mothers. The school has two main objectives:


1. Educate children

2. Train teachers


What we will do

Because the school needs to move to another house, we will send a few helping hands to work with them and make the change as subtle as possible. We will also provide financial help in order to give the children a proper education after they finish preschool. Most of them cannot afford private schools and are forced to quit and those going to public schools are quickly demotivated because they are less obligated to perform well.

Surya Vinayak English School, Bakthapur

"Staying on top of opportunities"

This is an English school that teaches over 300 children a year. The owners of the school have rented two houses and remodeled the rooms into classrooms. Their goals is to provide high standard education to everyone who is interested or needs it. The school is kept very clean and the children do not only get a good education, they also learn how to look after each other, how to take care of the household and how to keep up hygiene Standards.


What we will do

Because of the growing amount of children and the changing legislation, we will send people to help with their difficult book keeping and to make sure they are on top of their opportunities. Furthermore, we will help them realise theme weeks, for example on building a robot, so the children receive an extra interesting education. Lastly, we will raise money to help the school allow all children, even if they can’t afford the (full) tuition.

Differently abled children

"Education adapted for all"

The foundation also supports a school for children with Cerebral Palsey. They provide good and experienced teachers, adapted learning materials and adapted lessons. Moreover, both children and parents can learn about different topics such as hygiene, how to adapt to a different abled child and so on. They also have a "home visit" association that sends experienced teachers to the different outskirts of Nepal to visit differently abled children at home and help them as much as possible. 


What we will do

We will collect and send them warm winter’s clothes for the children in the colder or mountain regions. We will also raise money to help them maintain the building and to acquire special educational tools when needed.

Sama Nepal

"As much equality as possible"

This organization strives for equality, which means an equal education for all, no gender discrepancies, equal possibilities for differently abled children and so on. Their main focus is to visit problem areas and help people that do not fit in. For instance, they will guide differently abled children into normal education by helping the children and schools to adapt.


What we will do

We will send people to help with their book keeping and finances. We will also collect children’s clothes and toys to give to the children who need it or to schools so they can use it in the children's education. Furthermore, we will raise money to fund an extra home visitor so they can reach a bigger area and can impact more lives.

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