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Fundraising: results 2017

To help La Cité Joyeuse and the Audrey Jacobs Foundation realize their projects to give children and women the chance to a better life, we organize different fundraising activities. Below, you can find out how many money we raised and how it was spent.

Discover where the money went

We raised €11 550 in 2017!

FC Strand Associates

Football Team

  • Strand football team

  • Raises money continuously

  • 20 players

  • €800 raised

Christmas market

The children of La Cité Joyeuse crafted handmade Christmas decorations to sell on a little market they built themselves.

We enjoyed an afternoon at this market, buying all the handmade decorations, eating waffles and drinking hot chocolate with them.

Money spent: €500

Bathrobes children

The children of house 'Gais Lurons' at La Cité Joyeuse did not have bathrobes and walked around only in their pyjamas during the evenings. We decided to sponsor bathrobes for them so their winter evenings would be warmer and more cosy. 

Money spent: €500

First trip to Nepal

In October 2017 two Strandies went to Kathmandu in Nepal to help the Audrey Jacobs Foundation with one of their projects. They spent 8 days helping to upgrade the Surya Vinayak school by painting and making beautiful murals.

Money spent: none (paid for by Strand)

Disneyland Paris

In October 2017 the children of Gais Lurons, one of the houses at La Cité Joyeuse, went to Disneyland Paris. They had won a cooking competition and wished for a trip to Disney, and their dream came true. They had a lot of fun spending 2 days in both parks and meeting all the Disney characters.

Money spent: €2347 (paid for by our CEO)

Exploring Brussels

On the 11th of July, we took the kids of La Cité Joyeuse on a mini citytrip of Brussels. Ice cream, waffles and drinks were included and the kids had a lot of fun exploring the city and watching the musical performances on the street.

Money spent: €67.29


Pavillon Victor Rossel

The common living area and 7 bedrooms needed new furniture and decorations. With the money raised, we paid for mattresses, quilts, mirrors, lamps, furniture, plants...

With this new stuff, the kids can have a better living experience again.

Money spent: €2363.77

Comics Station

On the 8th of August, we took the children of La Cité Joyeuse to an indoor amusement park in Antwerp, named Comics Station. Avoiding lasers, conquering obstacles, enjoying bumper car rides, the biggest indoor slide in the world and an indoor playground. It looked like the kids really enjoyed themselves. (And so did we!)

Money spent: €364.95

Nepalese tokens

To support a local school in Kathmandu, we bought tokens that were handmade by the the children.

Money spent: €396

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