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Fundraising: results 2018

To help La Cité Joyeuse and the Audrey Jacobs Foundation realize their projects to give children and women the chance to a better life, we organize different fundraising activities. Below, you can find out how many money we raised and how it was spent.

Discover where the money went

We raised €32 682 up until now

(since we started in January, 2017)

"Friday the 13th"

  • 30 teams

  • 111 participants

  • 3 big donors: Gaël Terroir, J&T Autolease, Ottevaere

  • €7980 raised

Christmas Market

La Cité Joyeuse

The kids of Gais Lurons, the pavilion we go to every month to spend time with the kids, crafted things to sell at their small Christmas market.


We will buy their artworks to make the kids feel special and in order for the pavilion to use the money for something useful.

Money donated: €750

Trip to the Zoo

In August, we took the kids of Gais Lurons (La Cité Joyeuse) to the Zoo in Antwerp. It was  not only fun to look at the animals and have an ice cream in the sun, but the trip was also educational.

Money donated: €432.6

Christmas market

Audrey Jacobs

The Audrey Jacobs Foundation is organizing a Christmas market from the 16th until the 18th of November in Brussels. (la Ferme Rose, avenue De Fré 44, Uccle)

We sponsored them so they could buy / make useful things to sell and raise money for their cause.

Money donated: €750

School material Gais Lurons

The kids in La Cité Joyeuse are receiving a good education and care there but the organization does not always have the money to buy them clothes and hard-needed school attributes likes schoolbags, books, notebooks ... However, a good schoolbag is important for the kids health (think about their spine and physical posture).

Money donated: €2000

Phulbari & Tusa program

These one month programs make sure that parents and children can become more independent and optimize their quality of life within the community.


The money went to electric works, a boiler, lockers and cupboards.

Money donated: €2500

Furniture Aarya Tara Preschool

This school needed new classroom furniture so the Audrey Jacobs Foundation used this money to buy chairs, tables and bookshelves. Besides, the money was also used to buy a slide for the kids to have some fun.

Money donated: €2000

Donation of J&T Autolease

After our Friday the 13th fundraising event, J&T Autolease directly donated €500 to La Cité Joyeuse and €500 to the Audrey Jacobs Foundation.

Money donated: €1000

Donation of Ottevaere BMW

After our Friday the 13th fundraising event, Ottevaere BMW directly donated €500 to La Cité Joyeuse and €500 to the Audrey Jacobs Foundation.

Money donated: €1000

Trip to Jump XL

In July, we took the kids of Gais Lurons (the house at La Cité Joyeuse that we visit every month) to a trampoline park for the afternoon.

Money spent: €260

Paint Project Nepal

The Audrey Jacobs Foundation is painting the walls of a school so we sponsored the paint.

Money spent: €160

Fancy Fair

La Cité Joyeuse

On the 22nd of June, La Cité Joyeuse organised a Fancy Fair with the intention of bringing families closer together and raising money for the organization. The kids performed the whole evening and there were food, drink and game booths for the visitors.

The money was to sponsor decorations and the acquisition of toys that the children could win if they played a game.

Money spent: €1000


The kids of Gais Lurons don't often get new clothes. That is why we bought them all a new T-shirt.

Money spent: €248.90

2 motorcycles

These two motorcycles provide the volunteers of the Audrey Jacobs Foundation the freedom to reach families in the mountains that otherwise could not be reached and helped. More specifically, they help handicapped children in poor environments by teaching their surroundings how to help them, teach them new things and grow as a family.

Money spent: € 3300

Care centers Kathmandu

The money is to help build 2 new care centers for differently abled children in Nepal
More specifically, the money went to paint, technical aid, special toilets, a cooking space and toys.

Money spent: €2000

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