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La Cité Joyeuse

In 1914, La Cité Joyeuse was founded by Doctor Ovide Decroly and the pioneers of l'Éducation nouvelle, Charles de Gronckel and Nicolas Smelten. Their initial goal was to provide a home for children who became orphans during World War One. At the moment, they are not only offering a safe and warm environment to orphans but also to children with a difficult home situation. Besides contributing to their well-being and health, the organization provides them with an education and helps them to self-develop. For more information, visit

Discover our projects

Infrastructure Centre Arnaud Fraiteur

"New assistive devices & renovations"

Centre Arnaud Fraiteur is a hospital for children with neurological problems, physical handicaps or multiple disabilities. The infrastructure of the building and material to help the children is really old and needs to be renewed.

What we will do

With the money raised, we would help them buy new assistive devices and renovate the building where these children spend all of their days.

Holidays or youth camps

"Expanding their horizons"

A lot of the children living in La Cité Joyeuse do not have the means to enjoy a youth camp or an external holiday. An average of one hundred children are not able to gain these new experiences because their family is not financially strong enough or because they have no family at all.

What we will do

By raising money, we would like to give these children the possibility to expand their horizons, gain new experiences and offer them a break from their daily routines.

Cocoon room for babies

"Ensure a healthy development"

La Cité Joyeuse also has a crèche for babies who are abandoned, orphans or who would otherwise grow up in a difficult home situation. To give them the best possible chance in life and ensure a healthy development, La Cité joyeuse wants to build a special room that will be set up to stimulate their sense organs and orientation.


What we will do

We will raise money in order to help them buy the right equipment and support the furnishing. That way, we will contribute to a healthy development.

Elimination of illiteracy

"Education for the kids and the parents"

Besides offering a proper education to the children accommodated in La Cité Joyeuse, the organization also wants to provide an education for their parents. Most parents did not receive an education and are therefore not able to assist or stimulate their children in theirs. La Cité wants to teach the parents how to read and write and by doing so, give them the possibility to not only help their children but also optimize their standard of living for themselves and their children.

What we will do

By raising money we can help them provide an education for the parents and consequently help the children in their development.

New chalet

"More facilities"

La Cité Joyeuse offers two arrangements; a permanent home or a daytime accommodation. The children who do have a family stay from 7AM until 6PM and eat, go to school and make their homework at La Cité. At the moment, however, La Cité Joyeuse does not have enough buildings to accommodate the children who live there and the children who only stay during the day separately. This leads to a few problems, such as the fact that it is difficult for the children who live there to see the others being picked up by their family every evening.


What we will do

La Cité is planning on building a new house for the children who only stay during the day, but in the meantime a chalet could be a temporary solution. Later on, this chalet could also be used for activities. We will raise money to help them realise this.

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