Pictures of our trips & projects in Nepal

Besides raising money to support the initiatives of the Audrey Jacobs Foundation, two Strandies travel there to contribute on the field. Below, you will find some pictures of past visits and updates on how Strand supports the projects.

Discover the pictures

Our Charity Project Manager Ines discusses how we can help with Astrid Beseler, Audrey Jacobs Founda
New furniture for differently abled children | 2020 update
Surya Vinayak's IT class upgraded with 5 new tablets | 2020 update
New benches provided at Surya Vinayak | 2020 update
Strand's food donations during Covid-19 | 2020 update
Children's drawings | Nepal trip 2019
English class with Ines | Nepal trip 2019
English class with Ines | Nepal trip 2019
A day of learning with Ines & Caroline | Nepal trip 2019
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